How to Deglaze a Pan


So this post is going to be a little different, but you need to try it. When we make adobo we ALWAYS deglaze our pan. Deglazing the pan will get all those bits at the bottom of the pan that are brown to come up and make a delicious sauce that you really can’t get enough of. You may assume that the brown bits on the bottom of your pan are burnt, but they definitely are not. You can tell by how they smell. If they smell delicious, you want to deglaze your pan. Make sure the save the liquid you were marinading the meat in! You’ll need this liquid later!

You start by browning the vegetables and meat in the pan. Once these are cooked, you take them off and put them aside. Your pan should look something like this:


Then, you take the liquid that you were marinading the meat in and pour it into the pan while you are heating the pan over low heat. This will cause steam to rise up off of the pan and the little brown bits to come off of the bottom.


You will need the take a spatula and run it over the bottom of the pan to make sure you get all those delicious bits! When you finish your pan should be pretty clean, making it easy for your husband or kids to wash it later!


We pour the liquid into a gravy boat and serve it along side the main dish so that everyone can put on as much sauce as they like. And I like A LOT of the sauce. You can do this with any recipe that browns the meat or veggies first. You can also use a variety of different liquids, like stock or wine.


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