How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

When we bought our house one of the first things that I knew I wanted to do was make a garden. I have been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, for years to garden in pots and I have dreamed of having a garden. Well my husband made those dreams come true and now I’m just hoping that it works out!

We spent 2 weekends building a raised garden bed and while I know it was a lot of work, I’m just hoping that I get some great plants! I know this isn’t exactly a recipe, but I’m hopeful that it will turn into a lot of different recipes! We’ll see! I’m learning!

Everyone’s raised beds will be different based on how much space you have for our a garden. Our house has a kind of large area that was obviously a garden before, so we made a large raised bed. Ours is 4 feet by 8 feet, just for a reference point. And the reason we had to spend 2 weekends on it was because an animal was eating my plants, so if you don’t have that issue then you don’t need the fence around the garden bed. We had to make ours like Fort Knox and something is still eating my strawberries. Also, we had the people at the hardware store cut our wood for us but if you don’t do that you will need a saw. Make sure you pre-drill all your holes when screwing the wood together. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the inner diameter of your screws.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed


  • Six 16 inch long 2″-by-4″ planks, four for the corners and two for the cross support
  • Two 4 foot long 2″-by-12″ planks, for the short sides of bed
  • Two 8 foot long 2″-by-12″ planks, for the long sides of bed
  • Two 8 foot long 2″-by-4″ planks, for the long sides of bed
  • Three 4 foot long 2″-by-4″ planks, for the short sides of bed, two for the sides and one for the cross support


  • 3 1/2 inch galvanized steel screws, about qty 50
  • plastic for wrapping the wood
  • 1 roll of bird netting, optional
  • 1 roll of metal wire fencing, optional
  • 4 long garden posts, optional
  • 10 short fence posts, optional
  • 20 cubic feet of garden soil
  • 50 small metal U-stakes
  • drill
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • shovel
  • staple gun
  • wire cutters
  • wood clamps
  • zip ties


  1. You will need to build the bed upside down on a flat surface. Set a 4 foot 2″-by-12″ on its narrow edge and place one 16 inch 2″-by-4″ plank right along the end of the 4 foot board, with the extra 4 inches extending above the 2″-by-12″. Use your wood clamp to keep the 2 pieces of wood in place. Drill 3 screws into the 2″-by-12″ to secure the two pieces of wood together. Repeat this for each corner, attaching one 16 inch 2″-by-4″ plank to both ends of each 4 foot 2″-by-12″.
  2. Place a 4 foot 2″-by-4″ on top of your first 4 foot 2″-by-12″, making sure that all of the sides are even. Secure the 4 foot 2″-by-4″ to both 16 inch 2″-by-4″ planks with two screws each.  Repeat on the other four foot side to create your second layer and make your raised bed higher.
  3. Place one 8 foot 2″-by-12″ on each corner of the 4 foot 2″-by-12″ making sure that is it lined up straight, have your sturdy husband hold it steady. Secure the corner together with five screws. Repeat with the other sides. The 16 inch 2″-by-4″ planks should lie on the inside corners.
  4. Just like with the 4 foot 2″-by-12″, you will need to add the second layer of 8 foot 2″-by-4″ planks by lining them up on top of the 2″-by-12″ planks and then using 3 inch screws to secure the 8 foot 2″-by-4″ to the corner, making sure everything is even. Repeat on all sides to form your second layer.
  5. On both inner 8 foot sides of the bed, secure the two remaining 16 inch 2″-by-4″ planks directly opposite each other. Bisect the bed with the last 4 foot 2″-by-4″ plank, screwing this last plank to both the 16 inch 2″-by-4″ planks and the inner wall of the bed.
  6.  Place your bed in a sunny spot in your yard making sure that the ground is level.
  7. Wrap your garden bed in the plastic to keep it from rotting. Use your staple gun to make sure the plastic stays in place. Keep in mind that when it rains, you do not want the water to collect against any of the wood.
  8. Fill your garden bed with the soil making sure to rake it so it is even. Then moisten the soil.
  9. If you are going to build your fence and put the birds netting over the garden, you will need the roll of fencing, posts and bird netting. We put fence posts around the outside of the garden and then unrolled the fencing around the fence post, securing it to the posts. The fencing should also be staked to the ground.
  10. Then place 4 large fence posts into the garden bed to hold up the bird netting. Hammer them down about 8 inches, until secure. Place the bird netting over the entire garden securing it to the fence posts and fence with zip ties, but be sure to leave an opening that you can secure with a carbineer for you to be able to get in and out of the garden.
  11. Plant your plants and pray it works!
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