Hi all! My name is Kristen. I was working a desk job in Pittsburgh when I found food blogs. I began reading them everyday and creating the food I saw on them. Now I follow about 200 different bloggers. I’m inspired to try new, different recipes everyday. I am not a very experienced cook. I didn’t grow up cooking with my mom, but it is something that I really would like to become better at. After creating a good meal, I feel so proud of myself. I graduated from Rutgers in 2010 with my degree in history and then got my masters in elementary education in 2012. I spent a year substitute teaching and then began working for a property management company in Pittsburgh.


I recently got married and moved from the city of Pittsburgh to a suburb in New Jersey. It’s quite a change and I realized that I am going to be cooking a lot more, since we can’t walk to any restaurants. The recipes on this blog will be the things that I make for my husband and I. I’m hoping to get better at photographing the food I make and forcing my husband to buy me a nice camera! I’d like to be able to keep a record of the recipes I use in one place, so I can easily find them later. Right now it takes me forever to find recipes.

For more information, please visit my contact page.

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